Virtual Reality for Education

This is a course for innovative teachers of all experience levels. Participants will expand their knowledge, produce their own collection of resources and job aids, and be given guidance on how to incorporate VR into existing or newly created curriculum. Virtual Reality, or VR, is an emerging technology which, if used correctly, can increase engagement in the classroom and develop crucial skills needed in today’s workforce. We will take an in-depth look at how VR is currently being used in classrooms across the nation, and then showcase ways it COULD be used. In addition, we will explore a variety of VR apps and highlight their potential to transform how students learn moving forward.
USF Course #EDU544Z.1
Facilitated by: Andrew Ley

Please Note: Each course must be completed within one (1) year of the registration date. Graduate credit must be requested within six (6) months of completing a TIE course.

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