Online Courses

Most TIE courses are offered at no cost to full-time staff members of TIE Member Districts.
For staff members employed at Non-TIE Member Districts the cost is $75 per course.
Premium Courses are $75 per course.

More Information

Self-paced online courses offer you the ability to work through course material individually on your own schedule.

  • Graduate credit is available for most TIE self-paced online courses and must be requested within six (6) months of completing the course. University of Sioux Falls (USF) Graduate Credit has a fee of $40. Graduate Credit FAQ
  • All current online courses are 15 continuing education contact hours or 1 Graduate Credit ($40)
  • If you would like to receive a CEU in lieu of graduate credit, simply inform your facilitator. Please note, once a CEU has been issued, it cannot be reissued. These are free to staff in TIE Member Districts.
  • The workload for an online course is comparable to a face-to-face class. However, there are no large papers or extensive project assignments.
  • If you cannot finish the course within one (1) year, you must communicate with your course facilitator to make arrangements. You may also request to withdraw from the course and may re-register at a later more convenient time.

Graduate Credit FAQ

Graduate credit or CEUs are offered for each of our TIE professional development courses or events and can be requested within six (6) months of completion.

Depending on the course or event, we offer graduate credit through the University of Sioux Falls, individual public universities in South Dakota, and/or the South Dakota Board of Regents for Universal Credit. The Universal Credit option is handled through the University of South Dakota. Students who enroll for graduate credit for workshops offering Board of Regents Universal Credit will have the opportunity to register for credit from the University of their choice: Black Hills State University, Dakota State University, Northern State University, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota.

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) can be given instead of graduate credit at no cost to the participant. CEUs can be given by the TIE Learning Specialist facilitating the professional development workshop. Individuals can request CEUs upon completion of a workshop. Please note, once a CEU has been issued, it cannot be reissued.

How do I register for graduate credit and make the payment?

University of Sioux Falls credit: Find the workshop you are registering for in USF’s TIE catalog and pay with a credit card through the secure registration system. If you would rather register by mail, complete the entire graduate credit registration form (PDF or Word) and mail with a check ($40 per credit hour payable to USF) to USF, Attn: Director of Workshops & Continuing Education, 1101 W. 22nd Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 with appropriate payment.

University of South Dakota credit: If your workshop offers graduate credit from USD, a link to USD’s secure web site for graduate credit registration for that particular workshop will be provided by your instructor. Graduate credit from USD is $40 per credit hour.

Board of Regents Universal Credit: If your workshop offers graduate credit with the Board of Regents, you will receive direction from your instructor on how to enroll and pay with a credit card through the University of South Dakota’s secure web site. The amount is $40 per credit hour payable to the university from which you have selected to receive graduate credit.

When and where will my grade be available?

Each course has an assigned faculty member who will submit the grades. Typically, grades are submitted within a week of the official ending date assigned to the course. Please allow 4 weeks for your grade to show up on your transcript with your chosen university.

How do I obtain a transcript for this professional development?

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at the University from which you have selected to request a transcript.

Who may I contact for further information?

Melissa Dittman (605) 394-1876

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