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Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE) provides self-paced online courses for educators, administrators, support staff, and family/community members, catering to individual recertification needs, team/district-wide on-demand training, and digital support for in-person PD.

Key Features

  • Self-Paced Learning: Courses are designed to accommodate individual schedules, allowing participants to progress at their own pace.
  • Individual to Whole-Team: Courses are available to individuals, teams, and districts with differing skill levels and needs. Includes options for individual and bulk enrollments.
  • Automated, Digital Catalog: A new digital catalog at simplifies the process of registration, tracking, and certification. Automatic generation of completion certificates and Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) certificates, accessible from the student dashboard. 
  • Graduate Credit Availability: Options for obtaining graduate credit through local universities for courses longer than 15 hours to complete.
  • Free for Members: The majority of courses are free for TIE Member districts with the annual member code. For non-members, the average course cost is $75 per individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course FAQ

These are original, self-paced, graduate-level online courses and learning experiences through Canvas for educators and other professionals in the education sector. 

The courses cover a range of topics in education. Courses are often either a book study or a flexible, modular style of course we call an “evergreen” course. Both types of courses make frequent use of takeaway resources, scenario-based learning, and feedback.

The length of each course will vary. However, the majority of courses will take either half a day (4-5 hours) to complete or two days (14-16 hours) to complete. The number of continuing education contact hours (CECH) possible will give you an indication of the average length. For example, a “5 CECH” course will take roughly five hours to complete.

We strive to make training as accessible as possible. Part of this is ensuring that these courses can be accessed at any time. As such, we don’t currently offer any live sessions or webinars on this platform. However, BHSSC divisions can offer live sessions and webinar training separate from this. Reach out to our organization if you are interested.

Yes, the courses can count towards continuing education contact hours CECH and in some cases, graduate credit. However, not all graduate credits may be accepted by all universities.

We encourage you to first explore the Instructure Canvas Student and Instructure Catalog Guides before reaching out for help. However, you can reach out to if the issue persists.

Registration and Catalog FAQ

Register through the digital catalog at by creating an account, browsing the available courses, and following the enrollment instructions as they appear. More information on using the Catalog can found in the Instructure Catalog Guides.

The member code is an annual promotional code for TIE Member districts that provides free access to select courses and can be obtained several ways 

  1. Your district administrator, business office, and curriculum director will be emailed the annual code at the start of the new fiscal year in July. They can share this with staff as they choose. 
  2. You can contact to request the code. When you do so, please state which member district/school you are a part of. 

You enter this code in as the “promotional code” when checking out. It can be used for multiple courses and by multiple individuals. Each member code only works within its fiscal year. You are encouraged to share your code within your member district. 

We recommend that you track your team's progress primarily through the certificates of completion or their Catalog transcript. After participants have completed all requirements, they are automatically awarded these certificates. They can then email or share these PDF certificates with you to demonstrate participation. If you need more detailed tracking, please reach out to to be placed as an observer for your team.

Canvas FAQ

Canvas is the learning management system that we use to house our online courses. It is owned by Instructure and is paired with a sister program called Catalog that serves as our registration system. If you haven't used Canvas before, you can learn more about it in the Student Guides on the Canvas website.

After enrolling in a course via the Catalog, you’ll be directed to Canvas, where you can log in using your TIE account credentials to access the course materials. You can navigate to our Canvas account directly at

Yes, Canvas is accessible on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

CECH/Certificates/Credit FAQ

Upon course completion, a certificate of completion is automatically awarded and can be downloaded from your student dashboard in the Catalog. Beyond the certificate of completion, some courses may also provide different amounts of continuing education contact hours (CECH) or graduate credit as indicated in the Catalog. You decide which option to pursue at the end of a course.

CECH reflects professional development hours, while graduate credit can be applied towards a graduate degree. They may have different requirements depending on the course. You decide on which option to pursue at the end of a course.

For graduate credit, you need to register with the respective university offering the credit for the course and complete any additional requirements, such as a capstone assignment. We recommend not registering for graduate credit at the university until after you have completed all assignments in the Canvas course. We also recommend contacting the instructor to let them know that you have registered for credit. Most courses are listed for credit through USF.

For USF, find the workshop you are registering for in USF’s TIE catalog and pay with a credit card through the secure registration system. If you would rather register by mail, complete the entire graduate credit registration form (PDF or Word) and mail with a check ($40 per credit hour payable to USF) to USF, Attn: Director of Workshops & Continuing Education, 1101 W. 22nd Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 with appropriate payment.

No, you cannot obtain CECH/CEU and graduate credit for the same course simultaneously. We recommend pursuing a CECH certificate if you need a quicker turnaround as it can be automatically processed by our system.

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