Professional Learning and Services​

From evaluation to all staff trainings, TIE's highly qualified and experienced staff offer a variety of specialties to meet your specific needs.

Pulse Check Survey

TIE offers a staff (or community / family) pulse check as a free service.

Customized Learning

A “learner-centered” focus is at the core of customized learning.

Menu of Services

Our Professional Learning menu may help you build your own service or training.


We offer a wide range of projects for individual teachers or groups.

Professional Learning and Services

Look at our menu of services and trainings, or customize your own!

Options include:

1 - 2 hour Webinar

1/2 day Professional Learning

Full day Professional Learning


Elementary Teachers

Middle School Teachers

High School Teachers


 Clerical Staff


Literacy / Language Arts

Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM)

Customized Learning

Teaching Strategies

Cultural Work

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

School Climate


Digital Literacy

Contact us HERE to complete a survey with your staff to gather their priorities and professional learning needs

Read these "Look Fors," from the Lindsay School District 

Explore John Hattie's Visible Learning Influences to help prioritize your next Professional Learning

TIE offers the following services, and if you don't see it here, contact us HERE so we can customize to what you need

Certification Partners

Humanity Videocast

Human Shaped Learning Videocast for teachers, by Scott Simpson and Sharla Steever.

Menu of Services and Training

Explore the menu of options. Professional Learning and Training is not limited to the menu below: this is to help you consider the possibilities! Contact us HERE for more information, to set up a contract, or to customize professional learning at your school or TIE services.

STARTERS / 1-2 hours

TIE Learning Specialists can provide brief, stand-alone training sessions for your staff. Examples of these types of trainings, include:

Zoom Presentation Basics
Intro to Blended Learning
Intro to Google Classroom

SOUP AND SALAD / half day

Facilitating a half-day training could include one of the following options:

Blended Learning Essentials
Google Slides and Docs
Google Forms and Sheets
School Climate / SEL

ENTREE / full day

 TIE Learning Specialists can customize training content according to your staff’s needs. Here are some options for full-day sessions:

Google Classroom
Blended Learning
Data Retreat

FULL MENU / multi-day

If you are looking for a more in-depth, multi-day approach, TIE Learning Specialists can facilitate professional development on topics, such as:

Flexible Learning
Flipped Classroom
Data Retreat

DESSERT / follow up

Continue the professional learning for your staff with options like:

Online Classes
Schedule a follow-up training

SIDES / add-on

The following are examples of additional items you could consider adding to a scheduled training:

Family Survey
Graduate Credit Options
Specific Content Area Focus


TIE also offers services for programs and organizations:

Evaluation Services
Virtual Conference Support
Survey Facilitation

Free "Pulse Check" Survey

Not sure what your staff need? TIE offers a staff (or community / family) pulse check as a free service. Sign up to get started. We'll set up the survey, share it with you to send to your staff, then we send you a report with the results and our recommended next steps.

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Customized Learning Services

Let TIE lead you through the entire process of Customized Learning implementation or assist with specific aspects of Customized Learning:

Professional Learning

A blended learning opportunity with face-to-face workshops and online classes for the changing roles of educators.​

Structural Rebuild

A shift from an industrial model requires innovative district planning to remove barriers, enabling a customized, learner-centered environment.​

Curriculum Redesign

Educator collaboration is crucial for molding curriculum, instruction, and assessment for a Customized Learning experience. ​

Watch the Documentary

A "Day-in-the-Life" of Customized Learning at a South Dakota school:

Professional Learning

While educators can develop their understanding of Customized Learning through stand-alone classes, we recommend the blended-learning combination of self-paced online courses, face-to-face sessions, and facilitated collaboration to give teachers a more complete customized learning experience.

The face-to-face component focuses on important topics for teachers to truly incorporate and manage Customized Learning, including:

  • Higher order thinking and complex reasoning
  • Grouping/regrouping students
  • Assessment
  • Technology immersion
  • Mindsets
  • Facilitator/mentor role

TIE offers a variety of self-paced online courses that align with the philosophy of Customized Learning:

Structural Rebuild

The CL Structural Rebuild utilizes evidence-based materials and processes for your district/building planning team to tackle the tough issues of weight-bearing-walls like:

  • Grading practices 
  • Schedules and courses
  • Grade level assignments vs mastery levels
  • Rigid curriculum vs. flexible curriculum
  • In-school learning vs. in-world learning
  • 9-month school year vs. year-round learning opportunities

which can hinder progress toward personalized learning. A TIE Learning Specialist will work with your leadership team throughout the school year with onsite work days as well as online meetings. TIE also provides data tools to provide a snapshot of the instructional/learning practices in your district that can assist your leadership team for better analysis, strategizing, and decision-making.

Curriculum Redesign

The CL Curriculum Redesign examines the changes necessary for the curriculum to support a customized learning environment. There are three major areas of focus:

  • Classroom-Specific Redesign – Facilitators/teachers work on classroom curriculum to add choice and voice for learners.
  • Standards/Learning Outcomes Redesign -Sometimes referred to as a “standards evolution,” standards are reformatted to de-emphasize grade level orientation and repetition into a usable feedback and management tool for learners and facilitators.
  • Flexible Curriculum Development – Highly flexible curriculum materials developed to accommodate customized learning in a sharable collection open and available for any facilitators and learners.
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