Woope Sakowin: Classroom Management Using the Seven Sacred Laws

Course Description

Woope Sakowin: Classroom Management Using the Seven Sacred Virtues (Laws) is an interactive one-day workshop that explores how universal virtues can be used as a foundation for accessing Lakota culture, providing structure, promoting positive behavior, and developing trusting relationships between student and teacher. It provides steps that teachers can adapt to specific classroom needs. It provides examples of how Woope Sakowin can transform classrooms into safe and constructive learning environments. Course developed and facilitated by Tamera Miyasato.

Tamera Miyasato

Tamera Miyasato

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the classroom management process
  • Differentiate among “rules,” “routines,” and “expectations”
  • Define, translate and provide an examples of Woope Sakowin
  • Reflect on the classroom management process and personal responsibility
  • Align classroom routines, rules, expectations to Woope Sakowin
  • Learn strategies that incorporate the Woope Sakowin into daily practice

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