All sessions are 3:30-4:00 MT (4:30-5:00 CT).  Tech Tuesday archives are available on YouTube.

Getting Augmented Reality in Your Classroom with HP Reveal by Bailey Kowalski
October 2, 2018
HP Reveal is a free app that can be used across platforms. Using a target image, students can then create videos of their work that will come to life when scanned with a phone or tablet. View Archive!

Life Hacks with Google Forms: In the Classroom and Beyond by Bailey Kowalski
November 6, 2018

Google Forms can change your life! Using them will save you time, give you data and more. Use forms for everything from gathering information about your learners to formative assessment. They allow for a variety of options, including self-graded quizzes with automatic feedback. Sign-up for this fast paced session to learn all the Google Forms life hacks and come up with some of your own!  View Archive!

Newsela Pro discount: TIE’s newest member benefit  presented by Newsela’s Team
December 4, 2018

Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that is transforming the way districts approach digital curriculum for their classrooms.  With Newsela’s Collections of content, districts will have access to differentiated content that is accessible and relevant for all learners in today’s diverse classrooms.

What you’ll learn:

  • Newsela’s approach to engaging all learners
  • How Newsela has helped achieve Todd County School District’s curriculum goals with a Custom Collection of content
  • Newsela’s Approach to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and the impact it has on schools/districts across the USA

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GIS In Your Classroom: Map Contests & More by Julie Erickson
January 8, 2019

ArcGIS Online has expanded resources for K-12–including additional GeoInquiries for more content areas. In addition, there is a statewide map contest for students with prizes! Learn about the requirements and deadlines. Register Now!

Zoom Features by Ryan Young
February 5, 2019

Utilizing the tools of Zoom. Looking at ways of doing a screen cast that could be beneficial for students, staff, and streamlining communication. Register Now!

Session Coming Soon! by Kim Clark
March 5, 2019


Microsoft Meetings by Ryan Young
April 2, 2019

Microsoft Meetings is a great tool to conduct teaming time for your staff that can be done on the go. Having a consistent time to get everyone together on a regular basis can prove to be difficult. This tool assists in asking questions, getting answers, collaborating, and communicating on the go. Register Now!

Session Coming Soon! by Kim Clark
May 7, 2019