TIE’S Customized Learning Services

Building Awareness
TIE can provide large-group, lecture style awareness sessions to present the overall vision of customized learning.

TIE can lead teachers, administrators, school board members or community stakeholders through a structured book study of Inevitable.

Planning for Change
Once you’ve become aware of the vision of Customized Learning you will undoubtedly want to head in that direction. TIE can provide strategic planning services to assist you in crafting a path to customization.

Moving the structure of your school from an Industrial Age model to an Empowerment Model will be a huge change and culture shift. We can help prepare your school and community by providing professional development about the culture of change.

Making the Change
TIE, in conjunction with McGarvey and Schwahn, have identified some foundational and structural components that must be addressed for successful implementation of Customized Learning. We will help you assess your status for each of these components and provide customized learning experiences for your school district.

These components are:

  • Curriculum Work for Customized Learning
  • Assessment Work for Customized Learning
  • Grading Work for Customized Learning
  • Instruction Work for Customized Learning
  • Systems Work for Customized Learning
  • Technology Infrastructure Work for Customized Learning
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