Choice Boards to Accommodate Individual Student Voices

Why Choice? Learning that incorporates learner choice provides a pathway for learners to fully, genuinely invest themselves in quality work that matters. Participating in learning design allows learners to make meaning of content on their own terms. By giving learners opportunities to produce quality work about issues that matter, we give them access to their passion, voice, skills, and revelation. Learn how to provide choice to engage learners.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Give learners choice through Choice Boards.
  • Give learners choice through menu options.
  • Provide a content topic to the learner allowing them to choose how to master that topic.
  • Move to student-centered learning
  • Content Areas: Customized Learning
  • Audience: Educators
  • Time Frame: full day, 1+ days
  • Training Delivery Method: your location
  • Device Requirements: Personal Computing Device
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