Blended Learning

Welcome to the module on Blended Learning for the Customized Learning Series-Artiste! The module uses the book Blended Learning in Action as our main text, as well as some articles and videos. The course incorporates five phases to help you implement a Blended Learning environment in your classroom. Key concepts cover understanding what Blended Learning is, what could it mean for you, and how can you move to a Blended Learning environment in your classroom? A unit on how to assess in the Blended Learning classroom is also included in this course.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and refine your understanding of what blended learning is and is not.
  • State your purposes for wanting to use blended learning.
  • Consider which blended learning model or models you will begin to use.
  • Build your understanding of assessment in the blended learning classroom.
  • Develop assessment rubrics and checklists for student learning.
  • Design a blended learning environment for your setting.
  • Expand your repertoire of online tools that will enhance your blended learning environment.
  • Create a unit plan for a blended learning classroom.
  • Content Areas: Customized Learning, Instructional Strategies
  • Audience: Administrators, Educators
  • Time Frame: 1+ days
  • Training Delivery Method: online
  • Device Requirements: Personal Computing Device
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