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SPED Professional Development Opportunities

Our SPED Professional Development opportunities offer support designed to strengthen and improve your schools or district’s special education system at every level. Our Professional Development menu supports all staff sizes.  Our coaching system can be customizable to meet the district’s needs, including one-on-one with individual educators.  This system is designed for new Special Education teachers, Special Education teachers new to the state, and experienced Special Education teachers. Coaching includes onsite and email/virtually communication, also access to monthly newsletter. Consultations are available to improve your special education system with our CADs program.  All SPED opportunities are customizable to meet individualized needs of your district.

COVID-19 – Information, Resources, and Considerations for Special Education: Teachers and Administrators

Best Practice in IEP Writing

Covering all aspects of an Individual Education Plan in order to meet compliance and best practice standards.

Evaluating for more than Eligibility
Explore best-practice strategies in evaluation that will meet compliance standards and  inform your Individual Education Plan and specially designed instruction with students.

Supporting Paraprofessional
This training is designed to support paraprofessional with varied job duties and expectations, including but not limited too, guidance in behavior, playground supervision, and understanding of differing disabilities.

Co-teaching: What is it All About?

This two part training covers preparation and implementation of a co-teaching model between Special Educators and General Educators.

Part I: Preparation – This workshop will provide the background and structure for your district to consider implementation.

Part II: Implementation – Is your district ready to implement co-teaching? This offering will provide support to your general education and special education teachers as they implement co-teaching in the classroom.

Becoming a Behavior Boss
Students who receive special education for behavioral and emotional supports often exhibit behaviors that prevent them from success in the academic environment. Learn the basics of writing, implementing, and monitoring behavior plans with effective strategies.

Special Education Focused Data Analysis
This training assists and guides districts in the exploration and analysis of special education centered data. We will help prepare your district for upcoming changes and improve educational results and functional outcomes for students with disabilities.

Tearing Down the Silos
Often in education we operate individually, rather than working collaboratively. This training will focus on purposeful collaboration and for the benefit for all students.

Meaningful Family & Community Engagement
Parents and families are vital to the Individual Education Plan process. This training will offer valuable insight into how IDEA ensures that parents have meaningful opportunities to participate and work collaboratively with the school.

Teaching for All Learners
This training will focus on designing effective instruction and differentiating for all levels of learners within your classroom.

Administrators: Being an Effective and Supportive Special Education Leader
This training will look at roles and responsibilities of administrators related to key aspects of special education. Including, but not limited too, working with difficult cases, evaluating staff, suspension and expulsion, and providing least restrictive environment.

Special Education teachers often find themselves with limited support in learning the ever-evolving special education environment and the complex duties, responsibilities, and roles within that world. The BHSSC coaching system is designed to support district (or combined regional districts) Special Education teachers where they are at, allowing them to be more effective and efficient as they navigate the complicated Special Education landscape. Coaching is geared toward the following: Special Education teachers new to the profession, Special Education teachers new to the state, and/or experienced Special Education teachers needing support as they transition to newly implemented processes and procedures. Support is also available to administrators.

Job Management

  • Understanding the students on your caseload
  • Scheduling
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Effective parent communication
  • IEP planning and meeting facilitation

Developing, Implementing, & Monitoring IEPs

  • Writing a IDEA compliant IEP
  • Using data to guide your IEP decisions
  • Progress monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Least restrictive environment

Teacher Well-Being

  • Handling your stress
  • Working through difficult situations
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Self Care


  • Selecting research supported practices
  • Differentiating instruction for all learners
  • Developing and implementing specialized skills classes (transition, functional, social)
  • Implementing an alternate curriculum

Administration Support

  • Identification of high qualify special education programming
    • Efficient use of resources
  • SPED data development, organization, and analysis
  • Effectively evaluating Special Education staff
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Avoiding legal issues
  • Providing a continuum of services within your district
  • Locating and utilizing resources

Classroom Management

  • Roles and responsibilities for all environments
  • Implementing effective strategies
  • Setting up an effective classroom environment
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Behaviors

Evaluating for Eligibility

  • Evaluation planning
  • Implemented a multidisciplinary evaluation
  • Evaluation assessment and data collection
  • Report writing
  • Support in evaluation for unique circumstances

Specifically Designed Instruction

  • Instructional interventions
  • Organizing your instruction for all learners
  • Providing feedback on instruction
  • Using data to drive your instructional decisions
  • Locating instructional resources
  • Scaffolding instruction

Collaboration and Co-Teaching

  • Including general educators in the evaluation and IEP process
  • Providing input into general education instruction and planning
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Special Education focused professional development
  • Collaborative engagement with parents
  • Understanding roles in special education and general education
  • Collaborating with related services providers
  • Breaking down the silos

Implementing and maintaining an effective district Special Education program can be demanding and complicated process. Within Special Education programs, there are several indicators and variables that greatly impact these district and building programs throughout the school year. The Comprehensive Assessment of District Special Education Program (CADS Program) was developed to evaluate three key indicator areas: Program Effectiveness, Efficiency, & Data Usage; IDEA Requirements; and School Organization and Culture. Effectively evaluating these indicators will allow you and your staff to understand areas of strengths and opportunities for growth. After conducting an evaluation and issuing a report, focused suggestions, guidance, PD, and support will be provided to meet your specific district and building needs. If you are curious about this, please contact us and we can provide a free half-day initial meeting to discuss implementing this program within your district.

Program Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Data Usage

  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Staffing Pattern
  • Least Restrictive Environment
  • Data Driven Decision Usage
  • IEP Mastery

IDEA Requirements

  • Focused File Review
    • Self-Assessment
  • Staffing Experience Review
  • State and District Data Analysis

School Organization & Culture

  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Collaboration
  • Parent engagement
  • Climate
  • Curriculum and Instruction

Unsure of your current district/building needs? Click HERE for a survey to help determine those needs.

Are you a state educational agency and curious about your data needs? Click HERE for a survey to help determine those needs.

Upcoming Training

For more information, please contact Kyle Laughlin or 605-394-1876.

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