Woope Sakowin

When students have a choice, they feel empowered to make the right decisions. When students are allowed a voice, they feel validated to take ownership in their learning. When students feel safe, they feel brave enough to tackle academic and personal challenges. When teachers are compassionate and willing to provide these things for their students, classroom management becomes less about discipline and more about learning and teaching.

Join us for an interactive, yet deeply reflective, one-day training on the Woope Sakowin (Seven Laws). This workshop will provide teachers with the tools to transform their classrooms into positive, safe, and brave environments, foster trusting relationships and teach valuable life skills.

  • Importance of restorative practices in the classroom
  • Learning and the brain
  • Resources and tools for culturally responsive teaching
  • Resources and tools for trauma-informed practices
  • Curriculum integration
  • Specific strategies for classroom management for K-12 classrooms

  • Define “classroom management”
  • Discuss the classroom management process
  • Differentiate among “rules,” “routines,” and “expectations”
  • Review the learning process and the brain
  • Define, translate and provide examples of Woope Sakowin
  • Reflect on the classroom management process and personal responsibility to students
  • Align classroom routines, rules, expectations to Woope Sakowin
  • Learn strategies that incorporate the Woope Sakowin into daily practice

Participants will leave feeling validated, motivated and inspired to make positive change in their teaching practices.

Please contact us for more information on this training.

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