UX for Education Premium Course

Project Icon Woope Sakowin
UX is a well known term in the tech world, but might be new to education. Yet, educators who value student-centered learning already know the basic tenets of User Experience (UX) Design. In our dream of better connecting the worlds of technology, business and education we see UX and student-centered learning not only as an opportunity to recognize shared values and practices, but also as a career pathway for students and educators to recognize. In this course, learn how to bolster learning by understanding principles of design and user experience. Walk away with your own teaching style guide, to help you prioritize and focus on what matters most. References include Jon Yablonski, Steve Krug, William Lidwell, Kristina Holden and Don Norman. This course is a premium course and costs $75.
USF Course #EDU544FF.2
Facilitated by: Brady Licht and Lindsay Frankenfeld

Please Note: Each course must be completed within one (1) year of the registration date. Graduate credit must be requested within six (6) months of completing a TIE course.

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