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Newsela is an instructional content platform that makes publisher content more accessible and thus more engaging for readers in elementary, middle, and high school. With over 20 million users (18 million students and 2 million teachers), their content is used in 75% of US schools. 

Newsela provides online differentiated articles on current events and news in math, science, ELA and social studies. Teachers are able to use built in questions to evaluate comprehension while students can utilize the quizzes, annotations and writing prompts to increase engagement. Newsela PRO provides high engagement by providing students with high-interest content and choice that is at the appropriate reading level.  Newsela PRO will automatically adjust the reading level for learners as they answer questions about the content. Teachers are able to personalize their instruction to meet learner’s needs by utilizing Newsela PRO.

The result is more engaged readers—and engaged readers are better learners.

  • Professional Development Enablement for TIE Trainers

Newsela and TIE are collaborating to enable the TIE PD staff with Newsela Certification, along with additional training so that they can be an extension of the Newsela community team. This will enable the schools of South Dakota with even more options for Newsela training and professional development. We hope to create a local network of experts that can help your teachers use Newsela effectively.

On top of the TIE trainer enablement, schools and districts will also have access to all Newsela PD packages at a discounted 5% rate.

If interested in more information about Newsela and the offered pricing discount, please contact:

Newsela South Dakota Team [tie-sd@newsela.com]!