Lennie Symes

Lennie Symes
(605) 721-4475

Lennie Symes has worked with TIE since 2003 as an Education Technology Specialist. Previous roles include director of technology for Rapid City and Huron school districts, as well as a regional technology coordinator with 15 school districts in western Washington state and a classroom teacher.

Current Projects

Customized Learning & TIE Membership


Lennie has conducted more than 25 years of technology- and curriculum-focused professional development (PD) for teachers and administrators in South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington, Minnesota and Missouri.  Lennie co-developed a comprehensive program for districts to implement customized learning. His experience encompasses a wide variety of PD including face-to-face, online, self-paced, and hybrid PD. His specialty is making complex technology understandable, particularly through hands-on PD focusing on instructional impact of technology rather than just technology features. He has developed a wide variety of data tools and planning processes to help schools be more focused for better decision-making.