*PLEASE NOTE: Some important changes for our self-paced courses! We are now requesting each course be completed within one (1) year from registration date and Grad credit be requested within six (6) months of completing a TIE course. *

TIE online courses offer:

  • High-quality professional development–minus travel or time away from your classroom
  • University credit for relevant topics with practical connections to your work
  • Formats designed to fit your busy schedule

Online courses. 
Assignments are posted weekly, but no online meeting times are required. Students are asked to follow the weekly schedule to participate in the discussions in a timely fashion, recognizing that individual schedules sometimes require working ahead or catching up. Graduate credit available for most TIE online courses.

Self-paced online courses: participants work through course material individually with their own. These courses offer less dialog and collaboration but provide greater flexibility, which is particularly appealing to self-directed learners. Graduate credit is available for most TIE self-paced online courses and can be requested within 6 months of completing the course.  

Webinars: Live, hour-long, online meetings during which a TIE Learning Specialist presents a current tool or strategy, followed by participant questions and interaction. No credit is available for these learning bites, but sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Q & A:

  • Q: What online courses/webinars are offered?  The ever-expanding learning experiences featuring current educational topics and newly emerging web tools are posted as they are offered.
  • Q: What are the technical requirements? Video and interactive media tools being utilized in the class require a high-speed internet connection, such as your school’s network or home cable modem/DSL/ satellite internet service. Dial-up Internet access will degrade your online experience.
  • Q: How do I register? First, register online for the TIE online course.  Second, register for the graduate credit, if desired.
  • Q: What if I prefer a CEU?  Simply inform your facilitator you would like to receive a CEU in lieu of graduate credit.  Please note, once a CEU has been issued, it cannot be reissued.
  • Q: What if my school district is NOT a TIE Member District? Our TIE courses are offered to all educators, if you are a full time employee of a school district that is NOT a TIE member district, there is a nominal fee of $75 to register for the course in addition to the USF Grad Credit fee of $40.
  • Q:  How do I find out if my school district is a TIE Member District?  Click on this link to see if your District is a TIE member! Please check back often, as the list is constantly updated.
  • Q: How much work is required of the online courses? The workload for an online course is about the same as a face to face class. Most courses include online discussion and some type of written project in addition to the reading and/or viewing of content. Each credit hour has approximately fifteen hours of work.  If you take 15 times the number of credit hours and divide it by the number of weeks for the course, you will get a good idea of the time requirements. There are no large papers or extensive project assignments.
  • Q: Are there set times each week when I need to be online? No, there is no set time during the week when you have to be available. All of the material, including videos or screencasts, can be worked through whenever it fits your schedule. The online course instructors will post assignments weekly in order to keep the class participants in about the same place in order to facilitate good discussions on the WebCT Discussions board.
  • Q: May I work ahead? What if I fall behind? Certainly there are some instances when participants may need to work ahead in a course, or might need to do some catching up due to unexpected circumstances. Participants are encouraged to stay on schedule, with the knowledge that some flexibility is to be expected. Please work with your course instructor to meet your scheduling needs.
  • Q: May I take more than one class at a time? Yes, you can take more than one workshop during any given semester; however, please be aware of the workload involved for each class.
  • Q: May I get a letter grade? Some workshops are Pass/No Credit, while others offer letter grade. Be sure to verify the type of grade before registering.
  • Q: What happens if I can’t finish the course within one (1) year? We request that you communicate with your course facilitator to make arrangements.  You may also request to withdraw from the course, and may re-register at a later more convenient time.