Jim Parry

Dr. Jim Parry
(605) 721-4171

As the founder and director of Technology and Innovation in Education for 22 years, Dr. Jim Parry, now serves as a senior consultant engaged in special projects impacting the future of the education. Most recently, he was the lead author/editor of It’s inevitable: Customized Teaching and Learning. This practical “fieldbook” provides resources, strategies, and tools for implementing the mass customized learning (MCL) vision touted by Schwahn and McGarvey in their book titled inevitable.

Dr. Parry conducts presentations and workshops addressing the opportunities and challenges associated with customized teaching and learning. His powerful presentation skills and keen practical insights make him a sought-after speaker at major education events.

His rich experience base in K-16 education and his expertise in technology integration and organizational development position him as a guru for meaningful, systemic change for schools.

He holds a Ph.D. in educational technology and special education and completed post doctorate studies in organizational development.