culturally responsive

Culturally Responsive Classroom

Course Description

What is culturally responsive teaching? In what ways does implicit bias affect my teaching practice? How do I connect with learners from different racial, socio-economic, or cultural backgrounds than me? This course will enable facilitators to create a classroom environment that is culturally responsive in order to answer these questions.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define culturally responsive teaching.
  • Compare positive and negative personal education experiences.
  • Explore implicit bias.
  • Engage in critical self-reflection (“Inside-out” approach to reflection).
  • Identify personal role in Culturally Responsive Teaching, “Who Am I?”.
  • Apply principles of neuroscience to culturally responsive teaching.
  • Explore the implications of Hammond’s ideas as they relate to your teaching practice.
  • Apply CRT concepts to existing lessons.
  • Develop a culturally responsive lesson plan for your content area.
  • Apply Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings (OSEU) to what has been learned about CRT.

At a Glance

  • Content Areas: Cultural Work
  • Audience: Administrators, Educators, Community
  • Time Frame: 1+ days
  • Training Delivery Method: your location
  • Device Requirements: Personal Computing Device, Laptop

Enrollment Information

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