TIE invites you to attend Cognitive Coaching Seminar® Days 5 through 8

Congratulations for continuing your journey to become a cognitive coach.  Your identity as a coach has developed and you are guiding others to become self-directed.

Days 5-8 provide for skill refinement and understanding of the Problem-Resolving Map.  During these days, you will continue practicing and perfecting the art of using skills, tools and maps to have successful conversations with your students, colleagues and family.

Specifically, you will study how to adjust for human uniqueness as you explore filters of perception (representations, cognitive style and belief systems) that guide your thinking and coaching as well as the people you coach. You will learn how to invite and engage people in a cognitive shift as you employ the Problem-Resolving Map.


Graduate credit and Continuing Education Units will be available.

MaryLou McGirr,Training Associate with ThinkingCollaborate, will facilitate the training.


Days 5 through 8 will be held at the TIE Office, located 1925 Plaza Blvd, Rapid City, SD 57702.

Rapid City – Days 5-6: March 12 & 13, 2018, Days 7-8: April 9 & 10, 2018