We learn, teach, and lead to promote innovative and relevant uses of technology and learning practices to advance education and the future of students.


The organization’s purpose is to make a difference in the education environment by providing quality service, and staying on top of cutting-edge technology and training strategies.

TIE’s early projects focused on providing K-12 technology integration and training to teachers, developing an online repository for teacher-created lesson plans, and establishing community technology opportunity centers in schools throughout SD. These projects were funded through various grants, including two Technology Innovation Challenge Grants totaling over 12 million awarded by the US Department of Education.

Today TIE curates lesson resources, teaches Google docs, hosts district data retreats, eats healthy lunches and still travels SD to encourage local teachers in their pursuits TIE strives to be a source of professional development which assists and empowers educational communities to respond productively and responsibly in a networked global society. Today’s professional development incorporates current technologies with traditional strategies to provide participants with experiences focused on their current practice, meeting learners where they are and taking them to where they want to be.

Looking for trainers or facilitators who can customize content to meet your unique needs? TIE does that!

TIE professionals have both wide and deep content knowledge in the educational topics relevant to schools. They utilize effective techniques and research-based approaches to assist educators in growing their instructional practice and leadership capacities.